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Banco Comunitário Nascente (“Nascente” Community Bank)

SEE of Solidarity Finance
“Nascente” Community Bank opened on June 23rd, 2012, in the southwest region of São Carlos/SP, covering the urban territories of Jardim Gonzaga, Monte Carlo, Cruzeiro do Sul and Pacaembu. Its main goal is to broadly develop the territory with access to finance services and with the improvement in the access of citizenship rights.
A community bank’s role is to offer and articulate solidarity financial services in the territory and for its inhabitants, seeking for development. It focuses on trying to minimize economic flows that are destined to conventional banks and to large commercial business in order to strengthen family economic initiatives, solidarity enterprises and the local trader. In addition, it intends to strengthen community organization that seeks for human and citizenship rights through critical analysis and social participation.
The bank adopts two lines of credit: the productive and the one for consumption (VIDA social currency). It stimulates the reorganization of local economy focusing on the possibility of providing a virtuous circle of wealth, based on Solidarity Economy principles. This initiative in the scope of solidary finance is being implemented with the aim of expanding the sustainability conditions of popular economic activities, retaining financial resources for the territory and, especially, establishing conditions to expand solidary practices, trust and cooperation based on the cultural changes that are encouraged.
The Community Bank has the potential to articulate production, trade, and access to credit in order to strengthen enterprises, family initiatives and local economy by using social currency in the territory and actions of financial education.
The articulation between consumers and sellers provides, not only local economy strengthening, but also the development of trade and consumption practices based on values such as solidarity and cooperation, which makes it possible to improve the entire community conditions of life.
The improvement in the access of citizenship rights is considered as struggle and achievement of human rights as: education, food, housing, work, income, responsibilities with the environment, transport, culture, leisure, access to land and health services. These are important elements in the development that is strengthened from educational practices, popular and community organizations.
The project has a team of workers from the community, advising and support from NuMI-EcoSol UFSCar, the Brazilian Network of Community Banks and the Citizen Education Network (known in Portuguese as Recid). The community is fostered and stimulated to become the main manager, articulator and beneficiary of finance services and political articulation provided by a community bank of development.
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Banco Comunitário Nascente
Nasce um Banco Diferente!
Rua Paraná, 720 Jardim Pacaembu - São Carlos/SP
Telefone (16) 3375-7505 Ramal 23