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Community Vegetable Garden

SEE initiative in food chain

A group of inhabitants from Monte Carlo neighborhood and its surroundings has been developing activities of planting vegetables following the model of organic production for approximately four years. In order to do that, they use the land given by the Municipal Government of São Carlos, located at Centro da Juventude Elaine Viviane.
Nowadays, the group is advised by the team NuMI-EcoSol/UFSCar and it has been requiring from public authorities the cession of buildings / properties so that they can begin their productive activities and promote income generation with urban agriculture for families in need.
The aim of this enterprise is to produce and sell vegetables and other agricultural products cultivated in the property. The income generated from selling these products will be divided between members of the enterprise.
NuMI-EcoSol will be responsible for advising the group for the establishing and formalization of SEE, monitoring productive processes, commerce, human and financial management.