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SEE Initiative of Cleaning Productive Chain

LimpSol is a solidarity economy enterprise initiative in the southwest region of São Carlos that produces and sells many types of cleaning products aiming at creating work and income opportunities, seeking for social inclusion, self-management, self-development and a more balanced relationship with the environment.
The group was originated in Jardim Gonzaga in the middle of 2010 because of the initiative of eight women who were part of the discontinued Cooperlimp. This cooperative of cleaning service delivery was also advised by NuMI-EcoSol, but due to a court decision, it was obligated to end its activities.
Since its establishment until the present moment, the group went through different configurations. However, in the past months, it has only one member in production, trade and management, which makes it difficult to strengthen this initiative. New associates are constantly stimulated to participate, but the difficulties of generating immediate income is an obstacle to keep people participating in this group. Nowadays, what contributes to maintaining this initiative is the constant strengthening of a costumers network and specific places of commerce.

You can also be a consumer of Solidarity Economy products and help strengthen this and other initiatives.

Address/Contact: Avenida Maranhão, 141 – Jardim Pacaembu, São Carlos - SP (16) 99765 4463 (Rose)