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Maria & Fuxicos

SEE of Clothing Manufacture
This enterprise started at the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002 from a handcraft course at the school EMEI Santa Maria II. After the course, three women organized themselves to continue the production and, in the year of 2003, they strengthened their activities with the aid of Ramudá NGO, which helped them get a loan from Fundação Banco do Brasil. Because of this, they were able to purchase two industrial sewing machines. The group has shown variations in its formation, with 9 people involved, but nowadays it reduced the number of people with frequent dedication.
The technical production of Maria Fuxico consists of applying fabric or decoration to third-party pieces or clothing production, bed linen, tablecloth and bags. They produce embroidery, adornment, key chains, magnets and other handcraft items. They also manufacture thermal blankets by sewing reused Tetra Pak packages and ecological bags from reused canvasses. The base of their production is “fuxico” and fabric purses/bags.
Nowadays, the production takes place at UFSCar, inside Núcleo 3Rs. The group has the land where they intend to build their main office, but they have been facing difficulties to advance in this matter.
The relationship between this SEE and NuMI can be characterized as a consulting action to advise specific demands.

Contact: (16) 3201 9586; (16) 99122 1682 (Juliana); (16) 99179 7189 (Roseli)