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SEE of Mental Health
RECRIART is a solidarity economy enterprise composed by members of the Center for Psychosocial Attention of São Carlos, with approximately 20 members. It started its production in august of 2006 and registered at the Initiatives Registration of Social Inclusion through Work (known in Portuguese as CIST) – MS/SAS/SM-MTE/SENAES – at the end of 2007. Thus, RECRIART is part of the public policy strategy established between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Employment that aims at social inclusion through work of people with mental disorders in the process of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform.
It is a group in the incubation process by NuMI in a partnership with CAPS team. The main activity is recycling and paper manufacturing to develop products as: card, folders, notepads, bookmarkers, notebooks, photo albums, picture frames and packages.
In addition to their production, they have meetings and general meetings to strengthen self-management; the discussions and decision-making are collective and for pedagogical purposes, as well as for strengthening the initiative. The deliberative general meetings happen at the end of every month. The daily meetings occur before the working hours. Many activities have also been promoted, such as courses and debates in order to raise participants’ awareness regarding the principles of Solidarity Economy and articulation with Solidarity Economy spaces in the city.
Their products commerce had taken place in academic events organized by NuMI or other units of UFSCar, besides fairs promoted / organized in the city seeking to serve the demands and orders as the group has become well-known by the community. Income division is equal to all members (this was decided by them in a general meeting).
RECRIART develops its activities through the support/ financial help of, mainly, CAPS São Carlos and UFSCar Pro-Rectory of Extension (PROEx). The workshop of paper recycling occurs in a space given by the University, the building from Núcleo de Resíduos (3Rs), which also has minimum furniture required to work.

Contact: (16) 3351 8546