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Sabão Recicla

SEE Initiative of Cleaning Productive Chain
The solidarity economy initiative Sabão Recicla develops two cleaning products in the line of solid soap: bar and granulated, from waste of used kitchen oil.
The group was originated from the initiative of housewives who were trying to increase the family income without abandoning their chores in the house. They received initially the support from the local church that offered basic food baskets to these women who sold soap at the secretary of the church and at the masses.
Production was individualized and without a pattern. The women produced soap in their houses (individually) and were responsible for getting used oil, buying soda and selling beyond the quantity given to the church.
These women began to be advised by NuMI more precisely in 2008. From this moment, they started to have articulation meetings in which Solidarity Economy was introduced, as well as the possibility of formalizing the group. From individual work to collective production and commerce, the group became more cohesive, but it was reduced from ten to five members.
Despite the advancements in the past years, such as: standardization and improvement in the quality of the product, establishment of a collective list of clients, task division, use of tools to control the production, definition of the group’s name and logo design; a series of difficulties have been faced, the biggest one was the low income generation for the members, which influenced people to leave the group and made it difficult for other people to join it. This resulted in the current configuration of the group: there is only one person participating in the initiative.

You can help this initiative by purchasing Solidarity Economy products.
Address/Contact: Rua Julio Rizzo, 475A – Cruzeiro do Sul. (16) 99235 5993 (Marli)

You can learn more about the history of Sabão Recicla by watching this documentary: