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NuMI-EcoSol’s page on Facebook
You can follow news and check materials on NuMI’s page on Facebook.
Brazilian Association of Solidarity Economy Researchers
The BASER is composed of people who describe themselves as researchers in solidarity economy. They may be professors, students or solidary enterprise members who want to systematize the knowledge they produce.
Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Ecomony
The Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy (BFSE) is organized in the entire country in more than 160 Municipal, Micro-regional and State Forums, involving directly more than 3.000 solidarity economy enterprises, 500 advising entities, 12 state governments and 200 cities through the Managers Network in Solidarity Economy.
Portal of Popular Cooperativism
This portal gathers information about the popular cooperativism movement, how to create and legalize cooperatives and other information.
Unitrabalho is a National Network of Universities that supports workers in their fight for better life and working conditions. It develops teaching, research and extension projects that integrate academic knowledge to the one developed in social practice.
Portal of Cirandas
Each enterprise that is registered at Cirandas has the right to a total safe website, which gives them access to: products exhibition, photos, contact us, shopping cart, as well as the possibility of articulating with other enterprises and consumers, besides the world visibility for its history, composition and identity.
Campanha pela Lei da Economia Solidária
This is the website for the National Campaign for the Law of Solidarity Economy. You can find forms to collect signatures, texts from the law, posters, booklets, videos, news and others.
Other TIPCs

Here are the webpages/websites of other Technological Incubators of Popular Cooperatives’ (TIPCs) from several universities in the country.
 Unicamp
 Fundação Getúlio Vargas
 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
 Universidade Federal do Paraná
 Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei
 Universidade Federal de Lavras
 Unochapecó
 UNESP Assis
 UNESP Franca