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NuMI-EcoSol is a teaching, research and extension unit connected directly to the Rectory of the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar). It is a successor to an Extension Program named Regional Incubator of Popular Cooperatives at the Federal University of Sao Carlos (INCOOP–UFSCAR). NuMI-EcoSol’s head office is located inside that university, in the city of Sao Carlos (in the inner part of Sao Paulo State).
For 15 years, NuMI-EcoSol (former INCOOP) has been dedicated to stimulate the formation of solidarity economical enterprises (SEE) and their network integration; produce, disseminate and transfer knowledge about cooperatives, self-management and Solidarity Economy (SE); train educators to work with the incubation of solidarity enterprises; promote education, social inclusion and human development of historically excluded populations.
SE has been fostered in the incubator through systematic monitoring and groups routines that are organized to constitute or consolidate as collective and self-managed enterprise, in any productive chain. More recently, as it has become a center, NuMI-EcoSol has also been dedicated to provide consultancy to SEE, entities and other groups interested in SE.
In regard to the center’s actions related to SEE, its main goal is to stimulate “work and income generation simultaneously to the education process of historical subjects, valued as individuals capable of changing the social reality” (NuMI-EcoSol, 2012).
NuMI-EcoSol has as mission predicted in its Internal Regulations:
• To provide qualified and free services to groups of people that are in social vulnerability situation in order to form enterprises and economical initiatives in Solidarity Economy;
• To collaborate with professionals’ education and qualification to work and produce knowledge in the area of Solidarity Economy;
• To implement and favor the implementation of knowledge production processes and technology in the field of Solidarity Economy;
• To publicize the produced knowledge, making it accessible to those who are interested in it.
In order to better understand how NuMI-EcoSol is structured and the activities it develops, we recommend that you explore the main pages of this website, beginning with the items of the menu displayed on your left.