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NuMI-EcoSol’s team

NuMI-EcoSol’s team is composed of professors from UFSCar’s departments, technical coordinators hired through financing projects, UFSCar’s undergraduate students who receive scholarships, one technician of educational issues who is an employee at the university and two interns from the university. The teams are divided according to the structure of the center’s Lines of Action. One person can participate in more than one team.

As most part of NuMI’s funding is obtained through projects and specific announcements, which means the validity is one or two years the most, NuMI’s team is constant change, mainly in the case of students who receive scholarships and technical coordinators. For this reason, we will present here only the names of the team’s permanent members.
PhD. Wagner de Souza Leite Molina (Department of Social Sciences)
PhD. Maria Lúcia Teixeira Machado (Department of Nursing)

PhD. Ana Lucia Cortegoso (Department of Psychology)
PhD. André Ricardo de Souza (Department of Sociology)
PhD. Bernardo Arantes do Nascimento Teixeira (Department of Civil Engineering)
PhD. Carolina Maria Pozzi de Castro (Department of Civil Engineering)
PhD. Fabio José Bechara Sanchez (Department of Sociology)
PhD. Ioshiaqui Shimbo (Department of Civil Engineering)
PhD. Isabela Aparecida de Oliveira Lussi (Department of Occupational Therapy)
PhD. Joelson Gonçalves de Carvalho (Department of Social Sciences)
PhD. Márcia Niituma Ogata (Department of Nursing)
PhD. Maria Zanin (Department of Materials Engineering)
PhD. Luiz Gonçalves Junior (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity)
PhD. Renata Cristina Geromel Meneghetti (ICMC-USP)

Technician of Educational Issues
M.A. Luciana Furlanetto Pereira (Pedagogue)