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Who we are

NuMI-EcoSol (Multidisciplinary and Integrated Center for Study, Education and Intervention in Solidarity Economy) is a teaching, research and extension unit connected directly to the Rectory of UFSCar that develops actions aimed at promoting Solidarity Economy in these three work areas. More specifically, these fields involve knowledge production (research) in different areas, reality themes and aspects (Solidarity Economy, territorial development, public policies, solidarity finances, ethical, responsible and solidary consumption, leisure, mental health, collective health, food and nutritional security, popular education, residue and recycling) simultaneously to intervention (extension) in a social reality with students education (teaching) from different courses and levels and the participation of several types of professionals (architecture, ecology, psychology, sociology, engineering, physical education, nursing, occupational therapy, economy, biology, social sciences, geography, etc.), keeping Solidarity Economy (concepts, principles and actions) as integrating guidelines of its actions, focusing on local development. This strategy is adopted considering that it is the Public University’s role to deal with teaching, research and extension as inseparable components.

Our public

In terms of reality intervention, NuMI-EcoSol fosters enterprises and initiatives of associated self-managed work and it promotes ethical, responsible and solidarity production practices, commerce and consumption, aiming at establishing a fair and more balanced society. For further information about the enterprises and initiatives advised by NuMI-EcoSol, check the website’s menu on the right.

How we work

In practical terms, NuMI-EcoSol is composed by several multidisciplinary teams that are organized in areas of activity that are named “Lines of Action”. All Lines of Action work with the perspective of considering teaching, research and extension as inseparable components. The teams are formed mainly by professors from UFSCar, undergraduate students who receive scholarships and technical coordinators hired with resources from projects and proposal announcements that NuMI applies for. Although in minority, other employees are also part of the team: an assistant for educational affairs, a university employee and two interns also hired by the University.
The teachers connected to NuMI-EcoSol work in different areas of specialty, having Solidarity Economy as a common denominator. Thus, the specific objectives of knowledge production, intervention and education are: institutional organization, strategic planning, code of conduct, human and organizational behavior, environmental education, social housing, solid waste recycling, health-work, agroecology and rural development, consumption behavior, and others.

Our goals

NuMI-EcoSol has as its main goals:
I- to act in the perspective of integral assistance to the target population in order to establish enterprises and self-managed economical collective initiatives, according to the population’s characteristics and needs and based on principles and guidelines of Solidarity Economy;
II- to contribute to equating social problems that determine and affect the populations’ quality of life mainly regarding work and income conditions, interacting in a permanent and integrated way with other social actors in the area of Solidarity Economy;
III- to collaborate with the formulation and execution of public policies designed to promote initiatives in the field of Solidarity Economy at local, national and international levels;
IV- to offer conditions for the development of teaching activity, research and extension in the field of Solidarity Economy and related areas;
V- to prepare, train and improve people for the specialized professional exercise and for the non-specialized one, considering the local and national socioeconomic reality, as well as the available knowledge about the phenomena involved;
VI- to keep and expand academic, technical and scientific exchange with counterpart institutions, national and international;
VII- to favor the participation of internal and external communities in the ongoing development of NuMI-EcoSol’s activities.

For further information about NuMI’s history, click on the link below. For further information about NuMI and its organization, access the Line of Actions menu.