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Research Group

NuMI-EcoSol-UFSCar has a research group named “Solidarity Economy and Popular Cooperativism” that is registered at the Directory of Research Groups in Brazil from CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). This directory constitutes of an inventory of the scientific and technological activity groups in Brazil. Its information is about the human resources that constitute the groups (researchers, students and technicians), the ongoing research lines, knowledge specificities, the application sectors involved, scientific, technological and artistic production, and the partnerships established between the groups and the institutions, mainly the ones with companies from the productive sector. Based on that, it is possible to describe the limits and the general profile of scientific-technological activity in Brazil. 

The group “Solidarity Economy and Popular Cooperativism”, connected to NuMI-EcoSol – UFSCar, develops research, extension and teaching in solidarity economy, with the participation of researchers from different areas regarding different objects, such as behaviors in solidarity enterprises and in the incubation of these enterprises; ethical and solidary consumption; social technologies; viability analysis in different productive chains; self-management; participatory planning; group processes; health at work; social inclusion through work, and others. The results of these activities have been presented in national and international academic events and were published in books and articles. In addition, theses and undergraduate scientific research have been produced under the supervision of professors connected to the group. The team’s production made it possible to offer the specialization course, to develop an undergraduate course proposal that is in institutional analysis and to support the graduate program that involves South American countries.
In 2005, NuMI-EcoSol registered at Lattes its research group “Solidarity Economy and Popular Cooperativism”, which has the following research lines:
• Behavior contingencies and cultural practices in solidarity economy
• Mathematic Education in Solidarity Economy;
• Solidary enterprises and waste chain;
• Solidary finances;
• Knowledge management in Solidarity Economy;
• Social inclusion of people in situation of physical or mental disadvantage;
• Solidarity economy planning;
• Incubation processes in solidarity economy;
• Work and health in solidarity economy.

For further information, access the group at CNPq Directory by clicking here.