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Historically,NuMI-EcoSol has been producing academicmaterial emphasizing different aspects of Solidarity Economy. It involves undergraduate students from different courses to develop their undergraduate scientific research and graduate students from several courses, in specialization level, master’s and doctor’s, related to different programs. This makes it possible to have theses and dissertations developed, as well as different types of publications in different medias, presentations in national and international events, etc. The experience gained by NuMI-EcoSol and the possibilities of experiencing different solidarity economy initiatives increase the chances of hypotheses verification and scientific knowledge advancement (conceptual, methodological and analytical) related to Solidarity Economy. 

NuMI-EcoSol’s general strategy is to implement multidisciplinary and integrated research, articulating researchers from several institutions, national and international, based on the relations that have already been established by the University Network of TIPCs and by the Academic Committee of Cooperative Processes and Associative Economic Initiatives (known in Portuguese as Procoas) from the Universities Association of Montevideo Group (UAMG, known in Portuguese as AUGM).