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Teaching, together with research and extension, is one of the fundamental axes that characterize the several actions carried out by NuMI-EcoSol. Despite the fact that all NuMI-EcoSol’s activities involve to a certain degree teaching and education in its practices, we have some activities focused on enhancing educational activities that are related to the theme of Solidarity Economy.
In a simple way, we can say that the teaching activities developed by NuMI-EcoSol address different audiences: undergraduate students, in several spaces, and graduate students developing research about this field of work or participating in courses and events, which favors their education as professionals; members of enterprises through the direct contact with NuMI’s coordinators and the joint construction of alternatives for the difficulties faced and/or basic training on Solidarity Economy concepts, and the community in general that can participate in the activities and events promoted by NuMI.
The incubation projects of solidarity economy enterprises allow the participation of students from different undergraduate courses in different social reality situations. This gives them the opportunity to deal with several types of excluded people and professionals from different working areas and institutions. NuMI-EcoSol represents an important opportunity for the development of professional abilities and knowledge production, enhancing multiple perspectives and contributions from different civil and governmental instances that are articulated around the same goal, Solidarity Economy.
NuMI-EcoSol works with conditions preparation in terms of tools and procedures in order to help the team, which acts directly with the community, to perform the activities of Solidarity Economy education in an easier and more efficient way. These actions occur in different context, exerting specific educational functions.
The Line of Action “Education in Solidarity Economy” deals directly with education and training in several contexts. Its goals are the studying activities, reflection, debate and education about the universe in which Solidarity Economy is inserted as: socio-economic phenomenon, social movement and public policy.
We also had as an important activity in favor of the education on Solidarity Economy: the insertion of professors, as advisors, in the Master’s Program of Social Economy from the National University of Rosario, Argentina, which is supported by PROCOAS committee, besides the participation in discussions and definitions of the relationship between the committee and the program and the program’s characteristics, also as an accumulation condition to propose a graduate program in Solidarity Economy at UFSCar.
Besides the formative moments already mentioned, how people act at NuMI-EcoSol can be characterized as an environment that promotes education, considering that the dialogical perspective of the relationship with the target audience is a means of constant learning. The meetings (general meetings, Line of Action, teams, etc.) also constitute important moments of sharing knowledge, which is possible through the discussion of themes that are addressed by different methodological and disciplinary points of view, condition that is commonly present in interdisciplinary works.
We present here NuMI-EcoSol’s main activities that are formalized and designed to teaching: Curricular Activities of Teaching, Research and Extension Integration (known in Portuguese as ACIEPE), Specialization Course in Solidarity Economy Management and the Tutorial Education Program (known in Portuguese as PET) EcoSol. In addition to these activities, NuMI-EcoSol’s team maintains its educational actions, such as: organization of seminars to socialize SE concepts, proposal of workshops and thematic mini-courses, as well as study groups. The team also suggests teaching activities in which educators and workers share experiences, as in the cases of enterprises visits and others.